French Knicker Sew-Along Announcement

Over the weekend of September 8 & 9 I’ll be hosting the first ever VeraVenus sew-along on making 1940’s style french knickers!

This is a breakdown of what I’ll be covering over that weekend:

Saturdays post will cover  two methods of sewing on a lace motif appliqué before the knickers are sewn up, french seams and sewing on that pesky placket.

Sundays post will cover attaching the waistband, hemming your knickers with and without lace and how to do a hand made button-hole as well as how to do a thread-loop (as an alternative to a buttonhole)

I’ll post lots of pictures of the various steps in progress and be around to answer questions reasonably quickly ( bearing in mind  time differences... I’m in England if you didn’t already know)

 Here is a badge for your own blog if you’d like to show you are joining in (let me know if it’s too big!)

the html text stuff for pasting: <a href=”“><img src=”“></a>

I’ve already posted on how to draft a knicker pattern to your own size here and in the brief sewing instructions also posted there are some fitting tips. I hope you will have a go at drafting their own pattern… it really isn’t that hard and is good practice for the skirt drafting tutorials I’ll be posting over the upcoming autumn months 🙂

But for those that really really don’t want to draft their own I’m putting up pdf  patterns in two sizes:

 uk10/eu38/usa6  full pattern pdf


uk14/eu40/usa10  full pattern pdf

which can be easily size adjusted up or down by following the Threads Magazine slash and spread grading method.

SOoo, hope to see you at the sew-along!

A ‘Sew-it-and-Sea’ production 🙂

If you enjoyed this post make my day & let me know!

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  2. These look soooo lovely, and I’m pretty sure I can grade one of the PDF patterns using the slash-and-burn, oops, slash-and-spread method from Threads. It would be lovely to have the instructions for drafting your own knickers pattern back up again, though.

    • Not there??
      the instructions for drafting and making both the Circular Knickers and French Knickers are there on my free stuff page…. let me know if they don’t download correctly for you as seem ok from my end.

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  5. AAAGGHHHHH My age is showing. I have done the pattern for the bias dress, not the knickers …………so this message is in the wrong place (whoops)

  6. I live in Melbourne, Australia. So glad I found your site. I have downloaded the pattern and it is now pinned to a lovely piece of lilac coloured, printed satin.
    Cant wait to get the energy into my arthritic shoulders so I can start sewing.
    Thank you once again, will be following your site religiously 🙂

  7. Thanks for posting the patterns. Wasn’t sure with work I’d be able to draft my own, but now I’m all in!

  8. I’m definitely in! I have just finished my toile in plain white cotton, and it needs some adjustements. Now I also need to find nice slippery fabric.. But I’m really looking forward to this sewalong!

  9. I’m looking forward to joining you all! I’m going to try to draft the pattern over this long weekend so I’ll be ready to jump right in!

  10. Will definitely be joining! I’ve made a pair in plain ‘ole cotton (just ’cause I’m at the stage at life where I really need to stick those suckers in the washing machine and don’t have time to hand wash). I have some satin-y fabric from my grandma’s stash I’d love to use for this and I think she’d enjoy seeing what I make from her fabric (she’s 99 and most likely wore this style!).

    • How nice to use some of her fabric and that she’ll see the results too! 99-now thats an age to be proud of…
      And yes, cotton certainly makes sense from the washing point of view, though it’s the ironing of things like these that take me the most time.

  11. I would love to do this I may not be able to work within a weekend time frame but will see what I could do to keep up. Oh la la French knickers.

  12. I am prepairing to join too
    I started making a pair out of stretchy lace, but now I make a new pattern.
    I found floral batist and a lacetrim

  13. I’m so excited! I followed your drafting instructions last week, and have a lovely vintage floral fabric in my stash – so I am pattern all ready to go! I’m planning to make them into lounging pajamas too.

    • Yes the seam allowances, 1cm on all edges, are notched on the patterns. There is basic fabric and lace quantity too (for114 cm wide fabric) noted on the pdf cover page.

  14. I’m taking my daughter to University that weekend, but as I intend to start sewing with a passion once she’s gone I’ll definitely join you once I get back. It’s something to look forward to instead of worrying about empty nest syndrome, so thank you. Great timing ! I have fabric in my ancient/vintage stash, so no excuses ! Just off to draft my pattern. Haven’t actually done a sew along before. Does it count if I do it a few days late ?

  15. Count me in !!!!
    I have made two pairs so far.The second pair I made shorter in the leg and although I got the placket facing the right direction it ended up on the right hand side and not the left!!!
    Just got to find some nice juicy fabric now and some equally juicy lace for bows.

  16. Ooh, can’t wait! I’ll be joining in for sure. I’ve just started on a major lingerie overhaul and have a stack of fabrics ready to go for knickers. I think first I’ll go for the cream silk with black pin-spots to match a slip I made.