A perfect looking nose.

I came across this little advert in the back of a 1932 sewing magazine the other day and then spent too far much time wondering:

Does it just pinch and squash the offending nose into shape? Is it intended to be worn in public? Would one wear the Lip Shaper at the same time if necessary?

Sadly if one of these items turned up at a car-boot or garage sale no one these days would even know what it was…

(I did a bit of Google research… the 1916 Model 22 is very effective looking!)

…but now you’ll at least recognise a Model 25 if you ever see one.

1 thought on “A perfect looking nose.

  1. It seems like he’s wearing the thing out and about town. How bad could his nose be? Imagine not feeling self conscious to wear this contraption in public, but thinking your nose was unsightly. He doesn’t know it, but he is foreshadowing Hannibal Lecter. Sorry, I’ve focused on the ad, rather than the gadget itself!
    Vera, keep up the good posts!

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