A very green coat.

Ready for an Easter parade I am in my exceedingly green coat. It’s a colour that cheers me to look at… but I need to be in an exuberant mood to actually wear it.

The pattern was a 9.65€ find at a local vintage fair and with my new zeal for old patterns I was impatient to try it out. So late one evening at the costume studio I quickly chalked the pattern lines on to my pre-washed linen, lengthened it, cut it out and dived into sewing. The water was cold! Caught out again by the generous amount of pattern ease in a vintage pattern plus it being a bit too big anyway I needed to make a fair few alterations as I went along. That was the night I accidentally got locked in the building and so had not much else to do but to keep on sewing until someone with keys could come back and unlock the front door. I got a lot done by the time I was actually let out.

It’s unlined and the seams are all edged with bias cotton binding. Happily linen is forgiving and easy to work with so all my un-picking and messing about with the fit wasn’t too obvious in the end.

Spring coat

Vintage kimono fabric used for facing and to cover shoulder pads
7 rows of Top-stitching on collar, cuffs, pockets & hem.

It’s a great shape pattern and I will make it as a jacket next for a summer suit with a pair of trousers like these Vogue 5757 I think.

5 thoughts on “A very green coat.

  1. Beautiful, it looks impeccable, such a pretty colour and the top stitching is a lovely detail. You make me want to take more care when sewing!

  2. I think this coat is absolutely wonderful from the colour and style right through to the buttons and lining fabric and is just perfect for Easter.

  3. I really like your coat, when I saw it on Sew Retro I had to have a closer look once my eye caught the seven rows of top-stitching. That’s something I’d do.

    Interesting about the generous ease, I’ve had the opposite experience with patterns from that era.

    I like the locked-in story, so many garments have backstories and it’s cool to read others’ stories.

    1. Thank you all!
      There is something almost mesmerising about doing top stitching isn’t there? I find it hard to stop once I get started.
      The next pattern I’ve got lined up to sew from is a dress an inch smaller in the bust than my measurement where as this jacket/coat was an inch bigger.
      I’ll bear your experience in mind Steph,… I’ve only sewn with a few retro patterns so far and could easily get caught out relying on them to be a bit big.

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