Celebratory Give-Away (a 1944 Sewing Book)

edit Sept 26 2014:



Things I’m celebrating 1-2-3

1- Today my first 4 patterns were sent off to be printed 🙂

2- I am very close to 1000 followers, woohoo, go the blog!

3- My workroom is now super tidy after the disastrous bookshelf collapse of last week threw it into total uproar…

…which is how I discovered I had 2 copies of this 1944 soft cover Butterick sewing book one of which I am now giving away.

It contains 60 odd pages of really useful sewing advice covering alterations, marking, seams, pressing, some embroidery stitches, buttonholes, setting sleeves and tons more. Vintage yes, but still awfully helpful. It’s a little fragile but at 70 years old who isn’t.  A nice start to a vintage sewing book collection or a nice addition to what you already may have.

How to enter? Leave one comment below.

When does the draw finish? When I reach 1000 followers-

Countdown: 18 16 15 13 11 8 4 only 1 to go! 🙂

So it could finish next week or next month. Please help speed it up by becoming a VV blog  subscriber if you aren’t already!

(edit: or I will do the draw October 1st … if that date arrives before I’ve reached 1000)

Can anyone from anywhere enter? Yes I will mail the book anywhere in the world.

How is the winner chosen? I number the comments in the order they arrive and then use one of those online random number generators to choose for me. If anyone leaves more than one comment I number the first and ignore or delete the second.

Gotta run, bye!


ButterickBook photo 6  photo 8 photo 7

126 thoughts on “Celebratory Give-Away (a 1944 Sewing Book)

  1. Hi Vera, love your site. Currently working on the French knickers, complete with lace bows. Love from the Netherlands

  2. (22:10pm UK time) 1000 HAS JUST BEEN REACHED
    any comments left after this one will not be counted.
    I’ll post the winner within the next 24hrs…thank you all for leaving such nice comments and big Thank You & Hello to the newest 18 subscribers who helped me reach my goal!!!,

    1. Good luck to all posters, what a way to get us all sewing gals and dressmakers together Big hugs to all and Long Live Sewing pat @sewitwell.com.au

  3. Just made the French knickers from your site and I’m hooked!
    Thanks from the Netherlands for your insights in pattern-making and tailoring skills.

  4. Looking forward to seeing your patterns. I’m really enjoying your blog.

  5. Love your blog; love your style; and would truly love this book!!

  6. I love your patterns. I´d just made me a fantastic bra with one vintage pattern i have bought to you. I really found the perfect pattern. I´m going to make more and more of it. And I made some panties with your free pattern that matches with it. Thank you. I have been searching for a bra pattern that fits me and I have found it. I´m very happy to be one of your followers. Bye.

  7. I am sooooooooo excited to see the patterns! Stumbled across this site but love it already. Saved to favourites so I can access it quickly! Woohoo! X

  8. Hi there, I just found your site this week as I am re-learning to sew (haven’t done any sewing for 20 years) and have been looking for vintage sewing patterns as they are timeless. I love the garments you have made and I want to try and make some vintage style bathers like the ones you have on your site. Your site is very inspirational!! 🙂

  9. oh wow, how lovely! Just discovered your site today, a customer recommended you! I gave her bluegingerdoll in exchange, think everyone’s a winner 🙂

  10. Congratulations on your followers and on your new patterns I am sure they will be a huge success!!

  11. Congrats on patterns going to print and reaching the 1000 followers goal!

  12. Thank you for helping to celebrate and perpetuate a women’s love of expressing our sense of personal style through sewing .

  13. OMG, so many lovely comments!! Thank you all so very much for your support :)))
    A few men following too I see, I will come up with something for guys soon.
    Just 11 to go as of this morning…..

  14. Hi there congratulations on getting your patterns to print!
    Very excited for you, can’t wait to see them.
    This book looks fab, fingers crossed it’ll be mine 🙂

  15. Congratulations on sending your patterns off to the printer, that’s a wonderful achievement and I look forward to working with one or more of them 🙂

    I’d also love a copy of your book if I’m I side your goal :$

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