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A4 is-  21cm x 29.7cm / 8.26″ x 11.69″,     US letter is 8.5″ x 11″,      A0 is: 84cm x 118.9cm / 33.1″ x  46.8″  


Christmas Stocking- Pearly King & Queen style

(an original project I designed for Making Magazine in 2012)

I had removed this a while ago but having just seen thelittlecostumier on Instagram making one so have reinstated it!

Pearly Elf Christmas Stocking

Link for US letter pattern pdf-  pearly-elf-christmas-stocking-pattern-us-letter-x6

Link for A4 pattern pdf- pearly-elf-christmas-stocking-pattern-a4x4

Link for instruction pdf-   veravenusmakingmagpearly-stocking



Up-cycle a plain shirt:  June 2016

Appliqué Tutorial and Template

How to create this applique

Download the 3 page Appliqué tutorial and template HERE


Reversible Stole Redux  Dec.2015

stole2 2015

It was about time I updated this pattern and tutorial as it is one of the earliest I posted so here it is:

Download new A4 tiled pattern and instructions

Download new US letter tile pattern and instructions

pattern size- UK 10/12  US 8/10

(around-shoulders measurement 42″-43″)

Totally simple to make larger or smaller

skill level- intermediate


Box-pleated Skirts  July 2015

*please note- this is a POST with a formula for working out number of pleats and fabric amount to your waist size, it is NOT an actual pattern*

Click the pic to be taken to the instructional post.

any size

skill level- easy

box pleat skirt drafting instructions

box pleat skirt drafting instructions


Sweetheart Halter Dress  July 2015VVstriped50's2

 UK 12/ US 8    36″-37″ bust/ 29-30″” waist

Skill level: Intermediate

A4 Bodice tiled pdf    &     A4 1/2 Circle Skirt tiled pdf

 US Letter Bodice tiled pdfUS Letter 1/2 Circle Skirt tiled pdf

VVSweetheart Inspiration

use the bodice to make a playsuit or ‘wiggle’ dress !

See my French Knicker pattern further down the page which can be used for shorts


there is also my Skirt Drafting tutorial to make a pencil skirt in your own size.


Mock-Wrap Jersey Dress

April 2015

UK10-12  /US 6-8    35″-37″ bust

VVjersey dress free pattern

24 page pattern + instructions (27 pgs to print in all)

!! It has just come to my attention that half of the sewing instructions in the full pdfs below are missing 😲

I will fix it asap (mid May) but in the meantime

you need to download the separate instructions as well as the pattern.

USA letter tiled pattern    A4 tiled pattern 

Full Size Pdf      (A0+   84.1cm x 166 cm)

Skill level: Intermediate

For jersey/knit fabrics only!


Pussycat Bow blouse

Feb, 2015

MMblouse pic

As seen in Making magazine logo

  BowBlouse Blouse size UK s/m: bust 89cm-93cm/ 35″-37″bust

Similar to the pattern for the blouse below it’s a a front buttoning bow tied round neck blouse- a simple kimono shape with tucks at the hip to shape.

I’ve included a little diagram in the pdf showing how to do a FBA to the pattern.

USA letter tiled pattern and sewing instructions

              A4 tiled pattern and sewing instructions

Skill level: easy 


Keyhole Neck Blouse

feb. 2015

A simple magyar/kimono style blouse. Worn with or without shoulder pads depending on what decade you are aiming for.

NB: My sample blouse has 2 keyhole cut-outs, the pattern has 3.

Change as you like.Magyar blouse

Magyar blouse flat

Blouse size UK s/m: bust 89cm-93cm/ 35″-36 1/2″

15 page download including  the 12 page pattern, a pattern assembly guide, measurements, cutting and basic sewing info.

See the pictorial on how to make simple shoulder pads -here-

skill level:  intermediate as the sewing instructions are basic and assume prior sewing knowledge. But you won’t know unless you have a go!

A4 tiled pattern

US letter tiled pattern

Skill level: easy


Cardigan/Kimono Coat

size UK S/M: bust 86cm-96cm/ 34″-38″
(view pattern for more measurements and info)
skill level: beginner to intermediate
Tiled patterns links:
 A4 tiled Pattern and info pdf
US letter tiled Pattern and info pdf
For those of you fortunate to have access to large format printing here is the full non tiled pattern:
 Full size pattern for LARGE FORMAT PRINTERS ONLY
 Info and instructions only pdf

 Slinky Bias Slip

(and nightgown)

 3 sizes included on the pattern:

84cm-99cm bust / 89cm-104 hip    (33″-39″ bust / 35″-41″hip)

VVcream bias

Tiled patterns links:

Click here for tiled A4 pattern and instruction pdf  (24 pages)

  Click here for tiled  US Letter pattern and instruction pdf    (24 pages)

For those of you fortunate to have access to large format printing here is the full non tiled pattern:


                       Slip Sewing instructions only    (4 pages)

skill level: intermediate-advanced


  50’s Style Dress

As seen in Making magazine logo

A project I recently created for the Dec.2013  issue of Making magazine:

A sleeveless 1950’s style dress with full box pleated skirt

UK size 10 :  to fit approximately 34″ bust-27″ waist


Download tiled A4 dress pattern and instructions

Warning : 33 pages to print

For those of you fortunate to have access to large format printing here is the full size non tiled pattern:

 Dress Bodice A1 LARGE FORMAT PRINTERS ONLY    (59.4 cms x 84.1 cms / 33.1 inches x 23.4inches)

Dress Skirt A0 LARGE FORMAT PRINTERS ONLY   (84.1 cms x 118.9 cms/ 33.1 inches x 48.8 inches)

skill level: intermediate


Dinky Little HandbaDec. 2013

As seen in Making magazine logo


I’ve combined the instructions and template from the magazine with a home printable version of the bag pattern.

download A4 tiled format

download US letter tiled format

skill level: intermediate


Sundress Bodice   UPDATED  May 1 2014

A little something for the hot weather:  a Sundress bodice that can be added to many styles of skirt…or added to shorts for a playsuit.

Updates: A couple of small notch corrections and more sewing instructions so hopefully easier for beginners  🙂

VVSundressPatternCoverSized for a 35-37″/89-94cm bust

Download: US Letter tiled Pattern

Download:  A4 tiled Pattern


             Draft a circle skirt to your own size waist

Circle skirt tutorial- drafting to your size & sewing instructions

As seen in Making magazine logo

MM37 Cover

Tutorial: Make a circle skirt to your own waist measurement.


 Little Bias Dress (LBD)

LittleBiasDress free pattern

LittleBiasDress free pattern


skill level: Advanced

An original pattern drafted by yours truly to make this little bias dress

UK size 10/12      US 8/10    ( Bust 36/37″, Full Hip 36″-38″)

with instructions on how to adapt the pattern to turn it into a  30’s style nightgown .

To download first there is a 4 page pdf which covers fabric, sewing the dress and adapting the pattern for the nightgown:

 LBD Pattern info & Sewing Instructions

Then  download one of the pattern pdfs:

Download LBD  A4 tiled pattern 

Download LBD   US letter tiled pattern

Download NOT TILED pdf pattern , LARGE FORMAT PRINTERS ONLY : A0 or 33″x 46 3/4″


Skirt Drafting Tutorial

Draft basic skirts to your own size!

A Skirt drafting tutorial, mainly for the green 30’s style pictured but also covering a basic Pencil Skirt pattern and A-line skirt

Skirt Drafting TUTORIAL pdf

March 2013

1950's style

Pattern Pieces for 50’s Style Bucket Pockets

US letter Pocket Pattern

A4 Pocket Pattern


 French Knicker Tutorial

(given a slight rewrite July 2016)

Download: Sew-Along pdf

Includes very detailed sewing instructions on cutting slippery fabrics, french seams, pin hemming appliquéing lace and more.

Slightly flared 1940’s style French Knicker

Download:   1940’s style french knickers: drafting tutorial
The included sewing instructions are a short text only guide.
If you would like a much more detailed tutorial download the Sew-Along pdf above.
I strongly suggest making a pair in inexpensive fabric to try your pattern out and to make any fit adjustments before launching into expensive or irreplaceable fabric.
Also includes instructions for wide leg PJ trousers like the ones I did  to go with my 1930’s style PJ top below.
Happy drafting!
For those that really really don’t want to draft their own pattern you can download complete patterns I made earlier:
download pattern: uk10/eu38/usa6
download pattern:  uk14/eu40/usa10


1930’s style PJ Top  Pattern

March 2013

(use my French Knicker tutorial to draft yourself some matching trousers)


Download A4 tiled pattern 30’s style PJ Top  pdf

Download US Letter tiled pattern 30’s style PJ Top  pdf

Full pattern and basic sewing instructions in the PDF

Fits a  34″/35″ bust and with a little added to the side seams would easily fit a 37″bust)

See this Threads Magazine article on basic pattern grading.

Sewing level -Intermediate


50’s Style UnderPants

An easy to make“Grannie-Pannie”  50s style big knicker pattern  in .pdf format

Download A4 tiled pattern

Download USA letter tiled pattern

The pattern is UK size 10-12 but easy to grade up or down following the Threads Magazine how-to  in my links.

For one or two way stretch fabrics. The sample pictured was made from a 1-way stretch silk.

The sizing will vary  based on the stretch of your fabric…. I recommend that you make a practice pair first to get an idea of the fit!

sewing level-Easy


 1940’s Style Mini Cape

Download   30’s/40’s Retro style mini cape pattern pdf

This is for the pattern only, there are no sewing instructions.


Circular French Knickers

tutorial to draft and make to your size

At long last the newly corrected Circular Knicker tutorial returns 🙂

Download the tutorial


Pretty Beaded Edging Tutorial

Beaded Picot Edging.pdf

Technique to make a hand beaded edging on an existing collar (or neckline, cuff etc.)

Sewing level-Easy


Copyright information:   The pdfs posted here, my photos & illustrations, how the instructions are worded and the pattern diagrams are all under my copyright.  Please be respectful of my authorship and do not hotlink or re-post my PDF patterns or photographs elsewhere.

If you’d like to share anything from this page this is the link:  https://wp.me/P4NGNF-46 ‎ 

Further information about usage can be read in Terms & Conditions. 

Thank you and enjoy.

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  1. Sarah Howard
    Jun 12, 2017 @ 20:55:01

    Could you point me toward a tutorial, or offer a word of guidance on how to enlarge the bust pieces on the bias slip. The total circumference is perfect, but my shape is a bit atypical. It is a beautiful pattern, by the way, and making is successfully was so satisfying! Thank you.


    • VeraVenus
      Jun 13, 2017 @ 09:09:25

      Hi Sarah, it really depends on how/where exactly you need to enlarge those pieces. For instance if your bust is lower than where the bust seam is you’d need to add to the bottom of the bust pieces and scoop a similar amount away from the main slip body. I can give you more specific advice if you’d like to email me via my contact form
      (it’s under the drop down menu at the top of the page) and tell me more about the adjustment you want to make.


  2. Aimee
    May 16, 2017 @ 19:40:44

    Thank goodness I’ve found you! I’ve been teaching myself to sew over the last 3 years and found you by looking for a bias-cut slip pattern. I plan to print and figure out how to size up for my plus figure, but I’ll let you know how it goes. LOVE your work and look forward to more patterns!


  3. Trish
    Apr 30, 2017 @ 13:15:59

    This is a wonderful post. I am just returning to the joy of sewing!!


  4. Val Harris
    Apr 22, 2017 @ 20:11:49

    You have inspired me to start making again. Thank you


    • VeraVenus
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      Thank you Val, that is the best reaction I’ve heard in a while… best of luck with getting back to making!!


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    Thank you for your lovely work


  6. Aisha Cisneros Gardner
    Mar 11, 2017 @ 12:16:46

    I sent photos, I hope you got them! It’s 3am here in Alaska and I can’t see straight from sewing the Stole so I hope I sent photos to the proper email account


  7. Aisha
    Mar 07, 2017 @ 21:40:30

    I have a question, on the Stole, where and when did you insert the pompom ties?


    • VeraVenus
      Mar 08, 2017 @ 10:15:40

      The ties are inserted at the same level as the pleats and they get sewn in when the fabric and fur layers are bagged out at the centre fronts. I can see now that is not clear in the instructions…. I will fix that as soon as I can.


      • Aisha Cisneros Gardner
        Mar 08, 2017 @ 18:16:34

        Thank you So much for your quick response. I just started cut out last night and planning on sewing today! After studying the pattern and photos I see in the picture where you show how it’s done. The materials blend so it makes it look like you are just showing the pleated front and not the insertion of the ties. Thank you again!! I can’t wait to put it All together! You are amazing!


        • VeraVenus
          Mar 09, 2017 @ 11:42:41

          just give me a shout if anything else needs clarifying. I’d love to see what you make!

  8. Sylvie
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    Where have you been all my life ! Love it all thankyou


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    Love your. Patterns.


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    What fun patterns!!! Going to give the party dress a try.


  11. Nolan Hara
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    It appears that the Bodice Tile pdf has been blocked out?


    • VeraVenus
      Feb 17, 2017 @ 09:57:03

      I checked through all my links and from this end all appear to work. Perhaps try your download from a different browser… ie if you use Firefox try Chrome?


  12. Janet Stott
    Feb 10, 2017 @ 15:23:43

    Love your site which I have found through Pinterest. I love the blanket coat


  13. Sharon Lawrence
    Feb 02, 2017 @ 10:45:43

    A wonderful collection. Well done!


  14. Azi
    Jan 31, 2017 @ 14:49:49

    This is such a wonderful tutorial ! I made little bias dress with lycra .It was great .Thanks a lot .


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