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A4 is-  21cm x 29.7cm / 8.26″ x 11.69″,     US letter is 8.5″ x 11″,      A0 is: 84cm x 118.9cm / 33.1″ x  46.8″  

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Little Bias Dress free pattern
Little Bias Dress (LBD)
Appliqué Tutorial and Template
Appliquéd Shirt- Tutorial and Template
Reversible Stole- pattern & instructions
Box pleat skirt drafting instructions
Sweetheart Halter Dress Bodice- pattern & instructions
VV jersey dress free pattern
Mock Wrap Jersey Dress-pattern & tutorial
Pussycat Bow Blouse by VeraVenus
Pussycat Bow blouse- pattern & tutorial
VeraVenus Magyar keyhole Blouse -pattern & instructions
Cardigan/Kimono Coat -Pattern & instructions
VeraVenus bias slip image
VeraVenus Bias Slip- 3 size pattern and instructions.
photo of brocade party dress
1950’s party Dress- pattern & instructions
small black suede evening bag by Veravenus
Dinky Little Handbag
Sundress Bodice -pattern and instructions

MM37 Cover

Make a circle skirt to your own waist measurement- Instructions


3 skirts to draft tutorial
Skirt Drafting Tutorial
French Knicker Tutorial
image of VeraVenus 1930s lounging pjs
VeraVenus 30’s style PJ Top- pattern and instructions
image of big knickers
1950’s style Big Knickers- pattern & sewing instructions
photo link to drafting and sewing circular french knickers
Circular French Knickers- Drafting & sewing instructions
photo of VeraVenus 1940s style mini cape
1940s style mini cape
image of beaded edging on a collar
Picot Beaded Edging Tutorial
Pearly Buttons Christmas Stocking
Christmas Stocking- Template and Tutorial

Copyright information:   The pdfs posted here, my photos & illustrations, how the instructions are worded and the pattern diagrams are all under my copyright.  Please be respectful of my authorship and do not hotlink or re-post my PDF patterns or photographs elsewhere.

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372 thoughts on “VV Free Patterns & Tutorials

  1. I love your Little Bias Dress. You mentioned in the description that you could send a copy of the pattern? How much do you charge and how soon would I have it?

    1. Beth, just contact me via my contact form and I will email you the full size A0 pdf which you can get printed at a place that does poster size printing… it is a free pattern, only in the one size though. Have a look at the sewing instructions and that will tell you size info etc.

  2. LOVE the French Knicker patterns! What great work you did there. Now, where is my silk stash…lol.

  3. These are some of the most useful and pretty patterns I’ve seen! I can’t wait to try some of them! Thanks for sharing 😀

  4. no matter what i do I can’t get the 10mm box to be the correct size. it’s always 9mm. I have tried messing with every setting i could find that might be effecting it but nothing works. I am trying to print the LBD on US letter size paper by the way. Do you have any idea why this might be happening? I feel like i must be overlooking something but i have been trying for 2 hours now and nothing is working. Please help!

    1. Hi there, sorry I couldn’t answer sooner. Are you using the free Adobe Reader to open the pdf and to do the printing or something else? If Adobe Reader make sure you have the latest version of it for your computer and also that your printer software is up to date. The setting I used when printing is “actual size”. Just to rule out issues in the actual pdf I have just double checked the 10cm square both in Adobe Illustrator and with my own printer and it is measuring correctly. So also try printing out another pattern that has a measured square and see how that measures. But perhaps you have got it sorted out by now? If still having problems email me using my blog contact form and let’s see what we can do!

      1. I wasn”t opening the PDF in adobe, I was opening it in firefox. I finally figured it out and printed it without a hitch. My semester is finally over so I can actually try it now! Thank you for your free patterns by the way, they really are stunning!


  5. Thank you for sharing. You’re a very talented lady. It’s lovely that you share links as well. I’ve just spent a few hours on a Sunday afternoon “click, clicking!” and learnt so much, once again “A big thank you”

  6. I’m not able to use your patterns as-is, for I’m quite stout, but they scale up very well! And the tutorials are wonderful.

    1. I’m very happy to hear they scale up well Heidi! I’d love to know what method you use as I get asked that from time to time by other blog readers and I usually point people in the direction of the Threads method. Please let me know if you’d recommend another method.

  7. I have downloaded your lovely lingerie patterns and look forward to using some exquisite lace I have been hoarding for the past thirty years because I had not found a pattern to merit it!

    1. A woman after my own heart, my stash has some things I’ve been saving for decades too. So glad you think my patterns merit your special lace finally being used. I hope you’ll send me a pic of what you make 🙂

  8. super cite que je viens de découvrir grace à un blog….mais petit soucis je ne suis pas bilingue est il possible d’avolir les explications en Français…..sans hésitation je me suis inscrite sur la newsletters ……Merciiiiiiiiii

    1. Bonjour Etoile,
      mon français ne est pas bon …. il ne est pas possible pour moi de faire les instructions bilingues. Je compte la moitié de ce que je sais et l’autre moitié sur l’utilisation de Google Translate.
      Cependant Google Translate peut être très créatif et fait quelques traductions étranges! Pour les termes de couture, il est très peu fiable mais ce est tout ce que je peux suggérer.

  9. Many thanks for sharing all that is pretty & very promising for one who has always loved to sew. Please keep on posting!

  10. Hi Ayodeji, Jolanda and Aikku…. what lovely names! Thank you all for leaving a comment, I really appreciate that 🙂 And good luck to all of you in your sewing- If you have any questions or problems with the patterns just drop me a line.

  11. Love your site and admire all the things that you’ve made, Excuse my English, I’m Dutch. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and patterns. It is a joy to see that and an example fore people to follow. I used to sew all my clothes, but didn’t sew anything for the last 15 years, Just started to pick up my hobby again. This including making my own patterns and I adore the vintage fashion, because I think that was fashion and elegance etc.You’re an inspiration.

  12. I love your blog and these stylish clothes here. You were Gods’s sent, I just needed these kind of patterns. Thank you so much for sharing. And happy Pinning. 😉 Huge hugs to you! <3

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