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Various things I’ve made…
…. some for work & some just for fun.



58 thoughts on “VV Gallery

  1. Querida Vera, amo tus creaciones son maravillosas, me haces viajar en el tiempo, ese tiempo de elegancia y glamour que siempre vivirá.

  2. Love you patterns. Have always loved these styles. I have my moms wedding dress that was cut on the bias. It’s a size 14. My aunt made it about 1939. Not sure of the fabric it has a sheen to it. After my mom died I found it in a bag it was so dirty I hand washed it in soap for quilts and it came out so clean. It’s very similar to the style of the Little Bias Dress I wonder if it’s the same pattern. Please keep me on your email list. Rosalina

    1. Hi Rosalina, how wonderful that you have your moms dress! It sounds likely it is made of rayon satin (if not silk). The style, bodice especially, of my LBD is one that was very common in the late 30’s into the 40’s, used for everything from nightgowns all the way to wedding dresses…a style that I’ve always loved.

  3. WOW…. I am a girl that absolutely loves vintage clothing.. that being said.. your frocks that resemble the past are sublime 😉 Keep it up girlie girl!

  4. Bonjour Je viens de voir votre travail c est magnifique splendide tout de abord merci de partager tout cela c est une vrai chance, je suis plutôt novice en couture mais vos modèles sont somptueux.

  5. Everything is stunning but ….those ruffles!! No wonder you are the “queen”!
    I’m looking forward to digging into the free patterns – Be right back – Off to drool and dream! (Maybe even actually get some sewing done!

  6. WOW!!! Totally amazing…all of it, your whole sight! Beautiful work, Vera. I needed some inspiration and a little creative boost. Thank you!

  7. Love your website and patterns! Please, please consider adding larger sizes for your patterns. “Big” girls love the vintage style as well!

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