Hot Off The Press…Literally


A bright little Bridal outfit: turquoise silk blouse with a beaded collar and a short coral silk skirt; four tiers of pleats. Finished just minutes ago and waiting to be collected and will be married in on Saturday.

And I’m posting about this because why exactly you may well be wondering…

A few new people have recently subscribed  -Hello there and thank you!
yet I haven’t made a new post in weeks… though a few are pending; for instance I’ve been working on those promised instructions for drafting and making 30s/40s style French knickers. Honest.

But mainly been spending most recent weekends in the garden instead of in front of the computer even though the summer so far here has been pretty wet.

And remembering how easy and fun it is to do.
Years ago I’d seen some instructions on Victorian edging beading techniques and though I’ve long since lost those exact ones some of it obviously stuck in my head and after a few minutes of messing about a number of possible beading patterns came flooding back to me.

Since seeing even the simple pattern I did on this collar a few people have asked “how?”

And this weekend I will do a how-to post, I promise, hand on heart!

• And lastly I really wanted to see how doing a post from my iPhone worked.

Quite well actually 🙂



2 thoughts on “Hot Off The Press…Literally

  1. What great colors! The beading and the pleats are amazing. Thanks for showing us!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful and unique outfit!
    French knicker instructions are just what I need right now so get working on it!!

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