I See London I See France Draft Some New VV-underpants

DIY French Knicker Draft ….

10 page ( don’t panic, it’s because of pics and largish print 🙂  ) PDF takes you through the drafting process… no diploma in pattern-making needed.

Includes information on fitting and a brief sewing guide.

Slightly flared 1940’s style French Knicker

All because:

A couple of weeks ago when some nice weather arrived I decided I had    Absolutely          Nothing          To          Wear

and fixated on making 3 new skirts as the solution. Of course couldn’t find my custom skirt block anywhere so did a quickie draft and after I’d made a 30’s, a40’s and a 50’s style skirt…

I decided to see how a knicker draft based on the basic skirt block would be like to do as I’d seen it done in old drafting books a number of times. The knicker pattern (above in pink silk satin with lace ) worked well, I was happy with my new skirts… the sun shone and Britain did amazingly well in the Olympics!.

A couple of weeks later when I got that 1939 Marie Claire magazine and was inspired to try the lace-bow appliqués could I find that knicker pattern anywhere? (probably filed in the wastepaper bin during a blitzkrieg tidy-up) so I repeated the skirt block-to-knicker process for yet another pattern and then made the aqua pair.

That’s when it occurred to me that this draft is very to do and so the

‘Drafting 1940’s Style French Knickers’ tutorial came about.

These are a more 1940’s style than my previous late 20’/early 30’s style (cute but very airy!) Circular French Knicker. This new version is cut on the straight grain so easier to add lace on the hem and do other decorative work…not cut on the bias and no fiddly gusset to insert.        Hooray!

You could (theoretically) do a cartwheel in them and not be embarrassed though if you’re doing some serious swing dancing you may like to put elastic in the hem of the legs turn them into even more modest mini-bloomers.I’m going to try a pair in some old striped linen I have to make 30’s style beach trousers similar to those I’m wearing with my 30’s style PJ top pattern (on Free Patterns page).

Bonus: on the last page of the tutorial I tell you how to use your basic draft to make a PJ bottoms and bloomers pattern too.

Are you convinced to give it a try?

What do you think about a french knicker sew-along in a few weeks? Let me know!


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    1. Well thank you for taking the time to come back and show your shorts off. Pretty fabric and I’ll bet they look very cute on!

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