Into 2012 we go… and a free mini cape pattern

Halfway through January already…. so hows that New Years Resolution working out for ya?

The papers have been merrily trumpeting the fact that most of us, if we even made one, will have given it up by the end of this month!

Well I made two and so far so good:
1st: Don’t Over Complicate Things aka Keepin’ It Simple
This can be applied to just about everything in life from sewing to relationships.

2nd: Finish What I’ve Started….. This applies particularly to the backlog of projects I started last year- that rouleaux shouldered dress (still love it and really want it to be ready for Spring), still more lace needing hand-whipping onto this black satin kimono and My Big Project: SewVeraVenus Lingerie. Yup, really fell behind on that one…. my apologies to all of you patiently waiting for the1940’s bra pattern I mentioned in the Autumn. Anyway I now have graded sizes from 30A-DD through 36A-DD and will be running a Birthday Give-Away of five patterns at the end of January to celebrate both a year of (very sporadic) blogging and another year of my life. If you are a subscriber you will be the first to know 🙂

2011 wasn’t all unfinished business though: in November I moved all my working equipment down from a London studio into my home. A major undertaking as I hadn’t realised quite how much stuff I had amassed. Anyway took a month to settle in but all put away now and a nice work-room to be in. I think my husand has just about gotten over losing his study… and now I have the option of working either home or away and it’s a huge improvement when working on my personal projects as the kitchen table really wasn’t great for sewing especially when family was making cups of tea around me.

Also VeraVenus™ is now officially trademarked so I can add the little™ letters after it, woohoo!

But back to sewing matters: the day before New Years Eve I decided I needed a new dress and whipped up this one:

New Years Eve dress

It’s based on the 1930’s bridal dress I made last spring and a project that had been lurking in my mind for some time and I had to get it in before that ‘finish the old before starting the new’ resolution kicked in. Setting a tight time deadline usually gives me the needed shot of adrenaline to stop messing about and get on with things. I had some pale lavender-grey fur scraps leftover from a costume job which I pieced together to make the square shouldered 30’s/40’s style shoulder cape to wear with it… just what the velvet needed.

Blue felt 1930’3-1940’s style capelet

Lastly for now, as a Happy New Years gift to SewVeraVenus readers this other cape pattern, as seen in this blue felt version, can be downloaded from my VV Free Patterns page. It could look great made in wools, felt, fake fur, even linen or heavier cottons… leave it plain or embellish like mad.

(NB:It is a pattern only, no instructions are included… but easy to make)

Happy 2012 sewing!

15 thoughts on “Into 2012 we go… and a free mini cape pattern

  1. What a lovely dress!!! I downloaded your cape´s pattern from Burdastyle, now I need some nice fabric. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful NYE dress. I’m chomping at the proverbial bit for the 1940s bra pattern!

  3. Love the purple dress, and can’t believe you made it in one day! Congratulations on sticking with your resolutions!

  4. A belated Happy New Year to you!
    Looking forward to the 1940’s bra pattern especially as you have it in the small size (yippee!) and will be having a go at the cape at some time in the future…I still have not got around to the French Knickers but they are on my to do list for 2012.

    1. I hope the patterns work for you when you do find the time. I saw a comment on someones blog concerning my French knicker pattern – that while it’s a good pattern the gusset insertion is a bit of a fiddle… so anything I can offer in the way of sewing help on either project, just shoot me an email.

  5. ooops, left that out – it’s a silk and rayon velvet. At least 40 years old and a lovely weight, not too bad to sew either in terms of slippage.

  6. What was your lovely dress made from. I remember my Mum having something simalar in Velvet I think it was either black or navy

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