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I recently read a Blogging Tips article and I now know it’s terrible that I don’t write regularly (five months of silence is pretty bad so thank you to those who had faith and stayed with me), apparently my SEO is terrible, while starting to write this I should already have a title ( I don’t) to help keep me focussed, this post will probably be too long … what else I can tick off the list of Top Blog Don’ts ? Oh and I over-use ‘…’  but hey, on the plus side I do try to keep a tight reign on my use of exclamation points!! Mostly.  Such is life.

I am looking forward to 2016.

Non-the-less I’m back and as usual there are quite a number of  project-asteroids spinning around in my little universe, I’ll start with the closest one :


Last week on Etsy (glassoffashion) I bought a 1951 Italian fashion/pattern magazine pdf titled”Elegantissima”. A new to me magazine and nice to have an Italian one to add to the collection. It has yet another method for enlarging  small patterns to whatever size this time via a grid system. To start with I tried out the blouse below (the red type on the grid is measurement checks I was doing in Illustrator) and used Adobe Illustrator to  make the me-sized grid and draw out the pattern. I had the results printed out full size this morning and though I have yet to sew the blouse I must say I think it is now my favourite method of the bunch I’ve experimented with- those being Haslam, Lutterloh and Coup de Paris. The method is you take a just two body measurements and based on those fold large pieces of paper to make the correct size grid for yourself. Then you draw the pattern pieces on the large grid to match the small one. I probably will never do it by hand myself though I’m sure it works perfectly well. But doing it all in Illustrator it was a relative breeze – well it still took a few hours to draw out and measurement check but it eliminated lots of erasing , re-drawing and getting my hands grubby. Probably working digitally isn’t any slower or faster than doing it manually but as I’ve been meaning to try working with various types of enlarging methods in Illustrator this was a start. The results were pretty accurate, bar a centimetre here and there, and the over all the measurements read like a perfect me size . This Sunday is earmarked for some cutting and sewing. I’ll report back on how it turns out. Anyone else ever tried the Elegantissima grid system?



My interpretation in wool cavalry twill- personal wardrobe

My interpretation in wool cavalry twill- personal wardrobe



In another slightly more distant corner of my universe but getting closer all the time – since I first posted about my 1940’s Copycat Coat here I have had many blog readers comment or email me saying how they would love to make that coat for themselves, could they buy the pattern? So finally I’ve made a few tweaks, re-drawn the pattern all lovely and digitally clean in Illustrator, made two 1/2 size* toiles to check it all sews up accurately and to help me write a step by step construction guide. I now just need to type out the instructions, add a line drawing or two and a cutting layout and it will be ready for launch. If you are a blog subscriber you’ll get the announcement as that will be my very next post. 🙂 For now it will only be a UK12/US8 ( I use retail clothes sizing and consider a UK12 to be Bust 94cm/37″) but l’ll see how it goes and if well enough even in the one size perhaps I can then afford to have it professionally graded as my grading just isn’t quite good enough 🙁

This is one of the re-check toiles and at 1/2 scale.

VVPleatCoatI’m also making progress on another 40’s coat design, this one based on a Haslam pattern. Here in its first go-round and still small scale but full scale trial soon.

haslam coatVVHaslamCoat

*Now about the 1/2 scale thing: while visiting the US earlier this year I treated myself to a PGM 1/2 size mannequin. I draped a dress on it that turned out well when enlarged to full scale. However it wasn’t exactly my size. I’m a 12, the little mannequin 50% of a 10. To topic jump even further (another ‘Blog Don’t’ apparently) about 3 months ago I finally got around to copying my body with the help of my daughter, plastic food wrap and clear vinyl packing tape. Made a pattern from that, then a cotton version and along with a large amount of quilt batting finally a fully customised padded  zip on/off  ME stand cover. Then I shrank it down to 1/2 size and made one for the small stand too… a Mini Me. Honestly the best 2 things I have made for myself in a long while. I do intend a post on how I did it soon. Yes, a VeraVenus universe ‘soon’ but I will get there. My blogging mojo is back. Blomojo? Whatever.

This is before and after.

I repeat- a custom padded dress stand is just about the best thing I have made for myself ever. Why did I wait years to do it???

I’m also hooked on trying out patterns half scale before moving to full size. Less space needed, using far less muslin and little clothes are so cute 🙂

Was just going to type “thats all for now” then remembered-

stole2 2015

This week I updated the pattern and instructions for my Reversible Faux Fur Stole. On the VVFree page now.

Before you go have a gander at this Dior mini gown, it’s gorgeous.



That really is all for now.

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  1. Thank you all for each and every lovely comment that has been left!! I’ve been mostly trying to avoid wandering off in any direction other than on the coat pattern/instructions…. just a cutting layout to do tomorrow and a final check over all 🙂
    Didn’t get to trial that blouse last weekend in the end. Lol, got very caught up in researching enlargement methods- percentages and grids. But in reply particularly to Anita, yes if it works nicely the blouse would make a nice holiday freebie. Anyway – coat pattern just around the corner now.

  2. I love the picture of that blouse from ”Elegantissima”. I’m hoping you create a version of it to share with us here.
    The picture of that first coat is wonderful. I especially love the pockets on that coat!

  3. Thank you for your update. I’m always so pleased to see your work. Love everything you do. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Season Greetings from Helsinki, Finland. 🙂

  4. Blogs which religiously follow all the — “Don’t do this’s” are usually boringly generic! Give me a lady with the style of Veravenus anyday, bring on the !!!! points 🙂

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