Destructive Boredom vs Constructive Boredom

I have a low tolerance for the words “I’m bored”

Saying the phrase “only boring people get bored” is pretty high on the list of things that cause my nearest and dearest to threaten me with violence.

But horror of horrors, for a few days now, yours truly been really truly deeply bored.

Outdoors is boring me… worst English summer EVER. Really. Going out in it entails wellies, warm jumpers and constantly having an umbrella close by. Gardening has had more to do with mourning my rain-smashed roses and picking up wind fall leaves than anything else. Only 6 pears left on my miniature pear tree that had 36 and I doubt they will ripen…

Indoors is boring me… the amount of smallish and not-so-small repair/paint/need-to-do-something-about-it jobs in the house is simply overwhelming and attempting any one of them would aggravate the RSI in my right forearm. So I’m safe there.

Work is boring me…. I spent a month covering and dressing mannequins for the Designing 007: 50 Years of Bond Style exhibition that recently opened in London- also recreated a few bits of costumes that have vanished over the years and got to hug 7 Bonds . Ok, just the mannequins but still 🙂

Also made this outfit for Katie Prices’s last book launch stunt ←link to amusing post @ Guardian LostInShowbizBlog

My work is always varied to say the least.

Katie Price on Danté

So that was June and I have been in recovery for two weeks.  Admittedly I’m a workaholic and not doing much paid work for two weeks is probably contributing to my boredom.

Before I got bored I did get my 1940’s bra pattern finished and out, did another project for MakingMagazine (more info about my MM projects coming) have read a few books and practiced digitising patterns in Illustrator.

WikiHow  has a few good ideas for coping as well as a reminder to not eat when bored.  Well, I have been eating a little… I like baking and it’s not fair to make my family eat all the cookies; check out this recipe for seriously fab-u-lous chocolate chip cookies at Brave Tart.

Oddly the wiki doesn’t mention Going Shopping which I often find alleviates boredom.

So I went shopping and got some Good Stuff!

All vintage except for two modern-made tins and nothing broke the bank.

Extremely pleased with the ‘Celebrity! NY bullit bra!

Hydrangea bloom from my garden of course before the rain smashed that too…

And you know what? Writing this post about being bored has snapped me out of boredom. Now off to the osteopath to get my arm and shoulder worked on and then I’ll come home and probably make something.

I cut up a dress the other day with the aim to turn it into a blouse: Destructive Boredom vs Constructive Boredom?

What do you do when you are bored- make an effort to overcome it or just ride it out?

13 thoughts on “Destructive Boredom vs Constructive Boredom

  1. I didn’t know you hobnobbed with the rich and shameless. Sorry – in a funny kind of way I admire Katie Price. Her look is not my look (well I’m 30 and odd years older than her) but she has made her own way in life – not had somebody holding her handy-pandy all the time. The outfit sort of made me think of the Tales of the Arabian Nights. I haven’t actually made the 1940’s bra pattern up yet. I’ve just been sewing up a t-shirt type top now that we’ve actually had some sun so will do a few more things with knit material while I have the appropriate needle in the sewing machine. My fledgeling lettuces were all eaten by the local snails and slugs when I transplanted them outdoors and the rain did for my spring onions so I think many folk have had soul-destroying gardening experiences this year.

    1. But wasn’t this week glorious weatherwise!
      I do agree with you re Katie Price… she is a clever business woman, has created a very successful brand around herself and love or loath what she does I too find it admirable.
      I’ve made quite a few of her press launch outfits over the past few years, they are always a hoot to do!

  2. Just stumbled across your blog. Very much enjoying it. When I’m bored, I trawl WordPress for other inspiration and yours came up 🙂 Hope you’ve been enjoying the nicer weather.
    Would love if you could check out my blog too. Lots of vintage/vintage inspired wedding inspiration – only been running for a week but it’s getting there!

    1. thank you 🙂 I’ll tell any brides-to-be to have a look! Weddings do seem to be on the up…and budgets on the way down. Lovely yet thrifty ideas are always appreciated by diy-ers

  3. Bond hugging, eh ? Love the Janet Klein stuff… that’s the kind of music that got me back into playing, first old timey stuff on the uke, then hawaiian lap steel guitar,
    & from there back to jazz… and zoot suits, LOL ! 😉

    1. A zoot suit ?? You must look fab in that. There’s a video on her site teaching a little song for the ukulele that I gotta learn esp. as we have a uke in the house. It’s fate.

  4. Katie Price? Sorry was looking at the cool bikini and Black Beauty – wish there was more Bond hugging going on too – makes for interesting internets reads 🙂

    I am supposed to be transferring alterations to my pants pattern and thought I’d just have a quick peak at RSS. Two hours later no pattern work done ….. Sigh.

    How about a holiday somewhere warm. Ummmm…

    1. Good morning Calico Stretch! holiday…mmmmmm 🙂
      So you are mooching about on the web instead of doing other stuff too? I haven’t even walked my dogs yet, got stuck in my computer chair checking out Janet Klein and her band ..”a channel to a definitive time in American music when Eton crops were the rage and batting-eyes meant you had a live one on your hands.” just incase you want something else to spend time not doing your alterations on 😉

  5. ha ha, that ‘boring’ wat everybody have…is becouse of that boring summer, what is not a summer…
    Here in Holland, it’s also the worst summer ever…every day rain and rain, and wind en rain and wind…ppppfff
    When I am bored, I spent my time behind my pc, en after that I regread that, that I have done nothing..:(

    1. It’s so easy to spend a few minutes on a computer and have it turn into hours. I have lost days like that many times!

  6. well I am glad I am not the only one who is bored at the moment…I put it down to the weather and something somewhere among the planets is bound to be going retrograde.
    I too have tried to make an effort today and have also done some baking…Buttermilk Scones…and they were relatively edible for me.
    Well done on all your exhibitions and Bond Hugging…you do lead such an exotic life!!

    1. Thank you Catherine… and apparently we’d better batten down the hatches, an even wetter week ahead. Still. might get even more creative things done if we’re not enjoying sunshine in our gardens

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