Sew It and Sea

Remember my Lamour swimsuit from a few summers back? I finally got back to that pattern and over the last 4 months in between costume work and wedding dresses I’ve developed a whole little range of retro styled swimwear and thought I’d give a preview of some of the pattern styles.

For the last two weeks while free of commissions I’ve been working my socks off testing, sampling different sizes of the grades, trying out different fabrics. The gold halter suit & the sparkly turquoise and tan are both patterns designed for lycra. The turq/tan number has been my choice of beach wear these last couple of weeks …even though the sparkles keep coming off and making me look like a hardcore fan of body glitter.  There are 2pc versions of the styles as well.



The other patterns are for woven cottons; the bodices can be used with skirts to make fab sundresses too.  Optional mini skirts are in the works to join with the tops so the suits can even become vintage style swim-dresses if the little pants aren’t your thing. 

I may even do some ready-to-wear suits… already been making a few for friends who don’t sew and have a couple of factory possibilities to check out. Anyway that’s all even further down the road. 

Sizes you ask? I hesitate to give size names as they vary so much from country to country, company to company. However the 6 graded sizes I’ve had done cover busts 32″-42″/84cms-104cms, hips 35″-45″/ 91cms-109cms.

Amourette Jolie 2pc Amourette as Dress

So far the patterns are finished. The grading has been done.

I’m 1/2 way through adding seam allowances, grain-lines, info,  checking notches match and make the patterns into size nests.

Still to do:

Write sewing instructions (someones gonna have to tie me to a chair for a week  2 weeks for that one!)

Illustrations for the envelope & pics of real women in the suits (the fun stuff!)

Oh and of course getting them printed on light weight pattern paper.

Oh, yeah, the website : getting a proper shop set up.

Arrrggh all of a sudden I feel a little overwhelmed.

Never mind, I’ll get there.

Stay tuned 😉

Sew it and Sea!


42 thoughts on “Sew It and Sea

  1. Beautiful. How do I purchase the Lycra patterns? Even with no instructions, I don’t care, I would figure it out. So pretty. You definately have a gift.

  2. I just discovered you and I’m in love!
    I ABSOULTLY need this pattern!!! I couldn’t find it to buy or download for free will it be avalible soon?! I’d love to be able to make it for next summer

    1. Hi Belinda… I am embarrassed to say that I have been really dragging my feet on my patterns- I actually have this swimsuit pattern (both 1 & 2 pc) graded and multi-size printed but I have never gotten around to actually writing the instructions! Determined to get it together and get them out there for early 2017.

  3. Any progress on getting these patterns in the shop soon? I am dying to make a cotton suit, and don’t have the faintest idea where to start!

  4. I adore the gold version, so I look forward to the day that you offer the pattern for sale so I can make myself a sassy gold pinup girl swimsuit 🙂

  5. Would one line these costumes if they were to be used for swimming. Wouldn’t want to give the world at large an “eyeful”.

    1. In my samples… some of which I beach & swim tested I lined the lycra with a light weight powernet but regular stretch swim lining could be used instead. Just a single layer feels a bit lightweight to me.
      The cotton ones are partially lined. The bra parts definitely need it as that’s how I’ve designed the construction. For bottoms it is optional.
      But as most fabrics are more see-through when wet using light colours and not adding a lining is at the wearers risk! 😉

  6. This process you have explained is no stranger to my work. I admire your tenacity and strength. These designs are daring, time consuming, decision crossroads, and spectacular to add within the swimwear industry. Ahoy! xo

  7. Oh lovely! I like the dress the best, but that could just be because I don’t really like swimming 🙂 The cotton suit it is great too. Sending you lots of encouragement for the long work hours with Illustrator!

    1. Thank you Imogheena and I haven’t forgotten about the photo you were kind enough to send in. It will be up soon I promise

    1. Now that’s a nice thing to hear first thing in the morning 🙂 🙂

  8. I love all of these designs, the cotton suits are my favourite, love the material you used. I know it’s a lot of work and perhaps the instructions and seam allowances seem a chore but you know how many of us appreciate the extraordinary work. I’ll look forward to making one up for myself in the near (?) future.

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