Sew It and Sea

Remember my Lamour swimsuit from a few summers back? I finally got back to that pattern and over the last 4 months in between costume work and wedding dresses I’ve developed a whole little range of retro styled swimwear and thought I’d give a preview of some of the pattern styles.

For the last two weeks while free of commissions I’ve been working my socks off testing, sampling different sizes of the grades, trying out different fabrics. The gold halter suit & the sparkly turquoise and tan are both patterns designed for lycra. The turq/tan number has been my choice of beach wear these last couple of weeks …even though the sparkles keep coming off and making me look like a hardcore fan of body glitter.  There are 2pc versions of the styles as well.



The other patterns are for woven cottons; the bodices can be used with skirts to make fab sundresses too.  Optional mini skirts are in the works to join with the tops so the suits can even become vintage style swim-dresses if the little pants aren’t your thing. 

I may even do some ready-to-wear suits… already been making a few for friends who don’t sew and have a couple of factory possibilities to check out. Anyway that’s all even further down the road. 

Sizes you ask? I hesitate to give size names as they vary so much from country to country, company to company. However the 6 graded sizes I’ve had done cover busts 32″-42″/84cms-104cms, hips 35″-45″/ 91cms-109cms.

Amourette Jolie 2pc Amourette as Dress

So far the patterns are finished. The grading has been done.

I’m 1/2 way through adding seam allowances, grain-lines, info,  checking notches match and make the patterns into size nests.

Still to do:

Write sewing instructions (someones gonna have to tie me to a chair for a week  2 weeks for that one!)

Illustrations for the envelope & pics of real women in the suits (the fun stuff!)

Oh and of course getting them printed on light weight pattern paper.

Oh, yeah, the website : getting a proper shop set up.

Arrrggh all of a sudden I feel a little overwhelmed.

Never mind, I’ll get there.

Stay tuned 😉

Sew it and Sea!


42 thoughts on “Sew It and Sea

  1. They look lovely! I’ve wanted a cotton swimsuit for a long time, this might just fit the bill 😀

  2. Thank you all for your encouraging comments 🙂
    No sample sewing today but a looong day in Illustrator ahead! I’ll re-read your comments when I feel myself flagging.

  3. That is beautiful! I have not been to the beach or a pool in ages because…I don’t know. Two-pieces just are not me. But one-pieces tend to be so ugly! This, however, is so glam. I’ve never sewn lingerie or a swimsuit before, but this looks well worth trying.

    1. My feelings exactly and that’s why I started making my own . If you can sew in general you won’t find the cotton suits difficult. The lycra may be more difficult initially for those who’ve never sewn with it before but once you get the hang of working with something so stretchy it should be easy enough too.

  4. Gorgeous! I love the swimsuits that leave a bit to the imagination. Much more glamorous.

  5. How brilliant! I have been meaning to make a swimsuit for AGES (i.e. hoarding swim fabric…) and know I’ll benefit from using a VV pattern, especially printed ones. I must say too, I have been meaning to make your knicker pattern for ages (hmm sense a theme?!) and today I finally sat down and read through your making instructions – which were really fantastic. I love learning from more experienced makers and there was really so much information in there. It was such helpful guidance on sewing fine fabrics generally, since that’s never been my forte. Hopefully I’ll get on it and sew up a knicker storm soon.

  6. Gorgeous! Can’t wait to make up that dress when it’s available. I’m always open to be a tester. 😀

  7. Fabulous! And I’m very happy you’ll be doing paper as I cannot stand sticking pdfs together.

    I’m interested primarily in the woven ones which I would love to have as sundresses:)

  8. These look wonderful! Will you be offering the patterns in pdf, too?

    1. I won’t be at first. Setting up the tiling etc is a fair bit more work… also depends on if I can figure out setting up automatic downloads. I’ll just have to see on that one.

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