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Bitten By A Beading Bug

I’ve had this coral pink silk blouse for at least 8 years now. It was one of those garments you were supposed to hand wash and twist tightly into a ball while it veeeerrrry slowly dried so it came out like Fortuny pleats.

It did… but long before end of the wearing day, being silk, all the crinkle pleats dropped out. I really just couldn’t be bothered with all that after a few times and ever since it’s just been thrown into the regular wash n’ dryer and ironed flat.

I’m amazed it’s lasted so long. Being such a survivor maybe it deserves a little TLC now.

And it just happens to be a perfect vehicle for demonstrating how to do a beaded collar edging as a few people were curious after seeing the turquoise wedding blouse I made last week.

So without any more waffle here’s how to do a beaded edging in a pdf you can download.

I’ll be looking for some little glass buttons to replace the shell ones currently on it.

No more throwing it the washing machine now…

I checked out a local bookshop yesterday to see what books are available.

Mostly they are more about jewellery making than beading on clothes.

I bought this one by Dorothy Wood   as a good all-round beading reference book.
It covers beaded tassels, beaded netting, tambour beading basics, shoe decorations and button ideas even … as well as tons of jewelry instructions of course.

Bead on!