Terms & Conditions

Conditions of VeraVenus® pattern use:

All rights reserved: VeraVenus® patterns, instructions, illustrations and graphics are protected by international Copyright laws against unlawful reproductions made electronically or manually. In simple terms you may not make copies to sell, give away, post, share or host on the internet etc. Furthermore altering a few details of the pattern, instructions, artwork etc, i.e. creating a derivative work, does not turn it into a pattern which you may then sell or distribute under your own name and copyright. My patterns and artwork are drafted and drawn from ‘scratch’ and are not reproductions of authentic vintage patterns although the actual designs are similar considering they are intended to be ‘vintage style’.  No copyrights have been harmed in the creation of VeraVenus® patterns.

End use: If you are a seamstress/shop who makes garments to sell –  ethically speaking it would be appreciated if VeraVenus® patterns are not used commercially. Instead it can only be hoped that vintage-style designers & shops will instead commission patterns to their own requirements if they wish to use them for commercial purposes. I can of course be contacted for such pattern commissions.   Help support freelance pattern-makers and be fair.

Legal: VeraVenus® can in no way be held legally or financially responsible for any unexpected or undesired results arising from the use of the patterns. VeraVenus® does not warrant that the quality of products, services, information or other material, either purchased or free, obtained by you will meet your expectations. No purchase price refunds or any other financial recompense from use of either purchased or downloadable free patterns will be made under any circumstances.

And finally I just would like to say:  As a professional “indie” pattern designer I have worked hard to produce quality patterns, both free and for purchase, with a difference. It takes me on average anywhere from 40 hours to produce (ie draft, sample, correct, sample, digitise, possibly have graded at more cost, write instructions and organise all for download)  a simple pattern from start to upload to 80 hrs or more for complex patterns! 

It will take you much less time to read the pattern instructions (I work hard on these too) to help you achieve optimal results and to make a muslin to identify any required alterations before using a pricey fabric. Sewing is a process and not often a quick one. Time and care = good results.

Thank you for reading this and I  hope you enjoy using VeraVenus patterns.