Terms & Conditions

Term and Conditions: covering all patterns on the ‘sew Veravenus website’ owned and maintained by Jeanne Spaziani, UK. email: sewveravenus@gmail.com

All rights reserved: VeraVenus® patterns( free or purchased)- The included instructions, illustrations and graphics are protected by international copyright laws against unlawful reproductions made electronically or manually. In simple terms you may not make copies to sell, give away, post, share or host on the internet etc. Furthermore altering a few details of the pattern, changing the size or instructions, artwork etc, i.e. creating a derivative work, does not turn it into a pattern, tutorial or instructions which you may then sell or distribute under your own name and copyright. My patterns and artwork are  completely hand drafted and drawn by me and are not reproductions of  vintage patterns (unless stated as such) although styles and artwork may look similar.                                                                                  I also reserve the right at my discretion to restrict a user’s usage of the ‘sew VeraVenus’ website either temporarily or permanently, or to refuse a user’s purchase order.

Sharing:  Do not hotlink or re-post my PDFs for download anywhere else i.e. google drive, your own website, document sharing websites, etc.   Reproduction and or distribution of these tutorials, instructions, patterns and images, in whole or in part, in any form, without the authors written consent, is strictly prohibited. When such illegal uploads are found a DMCA  notice or other appropriate takedown notice will be filed with the relevant web host.

End use: VeraVenus patterns are intended for the DIY home sewist or custom/bespoke dressmaker use. If you are a bespoke seamstress who makes to-order for individual clients be my guest.   VeraVenus® patterns are not to be used for commercial stock purposes. i.e. a dressmaker/shop/manufacturer who intends to make a quantity of stock garments to sell either on-line or in ‘ brick and mortar’ premises.  When placing an order for a pattern and by ticking the “I have read and agree to the to Terms & Conditions” box you are legally agreeing to my usage conditions.

Free Patterns: Availability- I reserve the right to make alterations to and/or remove from download any pattern on the VV Free Pattern page at any time. The Free patterns are usually only available in one size (stated in the description) and often the instructions are basic. This is because they are digital copies of  patterns I originally made only for myself and then decided to share. But hey, they’re free!

Purchased Patterns: Availability- should a purchaser accidentally delete, misplace or somehow lose their pdf pattern as originally emailed to them contact me at sewveravenus@gmail.com. The original purchase order is stored in my private WordPress files and the original invoice is stored in my PayPal account and assuming your name and details all match up I will send a new copy to you.

Legal: Jeanne Spaziani can in no way be held legally or financially responsible for any unexpected or undesired results arising from the use of the sewing patterns or tutorials made available on the website. All reasonable care and skill goes into creating the patterns; however it cannot be warranted that the quality of product will meet your expectations beyond what can be reasonably expected from a sewing pattern. No refunds or other financial recompense from use of either purchased or free patterns from this website will be made under any circumstances. It is always advisable to check your measurements against my size chart when choosing a pattern size, don’t simply rely on the stated UK size label as sizes vary from company to company.  However if there is an issue regarding an incorrect size having been purchased please contact me concerning a replacement size.

And finally I just would like to say:  As a professional pattern designer with over 35 years of experience I have worked hard to produce quality patterns, both free and for purchase, with a difference. It takes me on average anywhere from 40 hours to produce (ie draft, sample, correct, sample, digitise, possibly have graded at more cost, write instructions and organise all for download)  a simple pattern from start to upload to 80 hrs or more for complex patterns. 

It will take you much less time to read through the pattern instructions to help you achieve optimal results and very importantly, to make a muslin to identify any fit alterations needed before using a pricey fabric and a new-to-you pattern. I am always happy to answer sewing and fitting questions concerning my patterns. Sewing is a process and not often a quick one. 

The pattern is only the beginning, the rest is up to you.             

 Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy using VeraVenus patterns.