“I love the pattern! I’ve gotten the fit spot on, I just need to nip a bit from the seams along the sides of the cups and the fit is perfect, but now I can’t stop making them! Thank you for designing such an excellent pattern.”

1940’s Bra pattern – Liberty 1940's style bra.

“Hello! I love the bra pattern! The instructions are well done, and I love the shape. “

1940’s Bra pattern -Chessa 1940's green silk brassiere

“The size you sent is absolutely perfect. I’ve just done a quick toile and it fits really well, and is so, so flattering. I can’t wait to make it up in a lovely fabric. Thank you! “

1940’s Bra pattern -Lorna black silk 1940's bra pattern

“This is such a wonderful tutorial ! I made Little Bias Dress with lycra .It was great .  Thanks a lot.”

VV Free Patterns -Azi veravenus bias dress pattern image

“I taught myself to sew over Christmas and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your patterns! The Pussycat bow blouse came out beautiful and I’m already on my second project. Thank you!”

VV Free Patterns- Beatrice veravenus pussycat bow blouse sample

“Absolutely love your patterns and the fits are spot on which is rare – Thank you you have awakened my passion for “vintage” clothing! I now have a drawer full of comfy and fabulous “big” knickers. I made your slip into a “flamingo” print cami top with matching pants and in the process of making … Continue reading VV Free Patterns- Jeanette

VV Free Patterns- Jeanette 50's style big knicker pattern

“I’ve stumbled across your blog a number of times, and I’ve been meaning to sew your Circular French Knickers for ages. I just finally got on the bra-making bandwagon, and while I’m waiting for my specialty notions to show up, I figured I’d make some knickers to match. The tutorial was well written, and I’m … Continue reading VV Free Patterns- Kelly

VV Free Patterns- Kelly

“I just finished making the 1950’s frock. This is the best pattern I’ve ever sewed with! Everything matched and was even and the pleats are perfect. I used a really heavy cotton/canvas material that was cheap, it’s pink and black. I wanted to practice before buying expensive material but I absolutely love it. I have … Continue reading VV Free Patterns- Kirsten

VV Free Patterns- Kirsten 50's style party frock

“I made the keyhole blouse and LOVE the way it turned out! I had to make slight adjustments to bust and waist.”

VV Free Patterns- Lilac