The sewing book winner is…. and something for everyone


I want to say a huge thank you everyone who participated and to all VV followers, but especially the 18 who help me reach 1000 and the 5 beyond that even! I enjoyed all the lovely comments everyone left too 🙂

And for all, just added to VV Free today :

Available to download from the VV Free Patterns page

This is a pattern for a cardigan/kimono coat, commissioned by Making magazine UK, for their February 2014 issue. I always get my project samples back and now it is Autumn I thought those in cooler climes might like a super easy casual coat to make. I am wearing mine almost every day at the moment.

The blanket appliqué is from a Mexican sarape my mother bought on a trip there in the early ’60s. Sadly a few years ago it was savaged by moths and that damage along with the general wear of years made it too fragile for use as a blanket. But I rarely let textiles go…. there will always (well almost always) be a way to up cycle/recycle so I do hang on to stuff (as my closets, drawers, shelves attest) This project came along and was perfect. The sarape blanket has been with me almost all of my years and now can continue to be in a new form.

The included sewing instructions are specifically for a fabric like boiled wool which doesn’t fray when cut but you can add seam allowances onto the pattern where edges are ‘net’ along with lapel facings and a lining and  to use it with almost any cosy fabric you like. Grading to larger sizes can be done with ‘slash ‘n spread’. Have a look at the Threads guide.

I made an earlier version some years back in a wonderful hand silk screened velvet left over from a costume design job. It has a kimono style band as a collar instead of the shawl collar the current version has… in velvet it looks very ’20s I think.

I’ve always meant to make a linen version too to wear with some 30’s style trousers-  but so much to make and not enough time.

It never ceases to amaze me how with just a change of fabric and some different details a basic pattern design can take on on a whole other era and feeling.

Do you find yourself sticking to a few patterns you know work for you, that you love and just experiment with variations on the theme or are you always on the lookout for new patterns to try?




11 thoughts on “The sewing book winner is…. and something for everyone

  1. Thank you for this pattern. I am a weaver and am always looking for simple patterns I can use with my hands woven fabrics.

    1. Hi Megan, you are most welcome. I would love to see it made in your handwoven fabric should you ever have a photo to send me!

    1. Hi Nikki, your version does look very cosy! Thanks so much for leaving your link to show it off 🙂

  2. I love the velvet version… and the oval motif in the lining is reminiscent of an Egyptian scarab beetle! So 1920s!

  3. What a lovely simple coat. It will be on my list for next winter. We are coming into our summer.

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