VV 1940s Pleated Coat



Currently available in UK 12(us 8) and UK 18 (us 14/16)

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(Uk sizes 8, 10, 14 & 16  on the way during Oct. 2017. Choose your size based on upper body measurements… the waist and hips are easier to alter. I am happy to advise if needed.)

s12: bust:  94cm/ 37in.                s18:   bust: 110cm/ 43in.

     waist:  76cm/ 30in.                              waist: 91cm/ 35 1/2in.

 full hip:   99cm/ 39in.                          full hip: 115cm/ 45in.

Skill level: Advanced or Adventurous

The tiled patterns are complete with trimming guides, assembly instructions and a visual assembly map. Each page is also identified with the set, column and row it belongs do should the whole pile fall on the floor while printing (it happens!) . There is also a ‘Print Me First’ page with a 10cm square to check your printer is sizing the page properly.

 Read the original post about how this coat pattern came into being  here.

Fabric amount information is shown in the image below.

The price of this unique and original coat pattern is £14 GBP  

   (approx 18.50 US, 16 EU)

TO ORDER: Use the form below .

There are 3 paper size options to choose from in the ordering menu below:

  • Full size pattern requiring large format roll printing.                                                          Size 12 is on 3xA0 width sheets. Size 18 is on 3xA0 width sheets and1xA1 sheet.                                           (A0=84.1cm/33″ wide. A1=59.4/23.4″ wide)
  • A4 tiled (depending on pattern size 75-84 pages arranged into 3-4 separate pattern sheets)
  • US Letter Tiled (depending on pattern size 73-84 pages arranged into 3-4 separate pattern sheets)

Or if are not ordering but have a question please choose only the last option and make sure no other options are selected.

When I receive your order I will send a PayPal invoice to the email you have given (so please be sure it is correct) and will then email your pattern directly to you after payment has been received.

-Orders will be filled within 24 hours (generally much less!) of payment received.

-Why no instant download you may wonder? Read about VATMOSS… a nightmare for micro  businesses that sell digital downloadables in the EU!

🙂 A recent photo and little Instagram review from Anne D. who made herself a beautiful coat!